Qualtric Survey Services

The Social Sciences Computing Services (SSCS) Qualtrics System:


The Qualtrics survey services for use by SSD faculty and graduate students requires that users of this service provide evidence of Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval from the Social and Behavioral Sciences IRB, OR a copy of an email from the IRB office indicating the survey activity does not require IRB approval.

Users should send their requests to SSCS for access to the Qualtrics system along with the IRB approval certificate or an email from the IRB stating that IRB approval is not required.  This includes test surveys and any usage of the survey system, regardless of whether it appears affected by IRB requirements. This would include surveys developed in association with classwork.

Once SSCS has the users' agreements, and proof of IRB approval or an email from the IRB office indicating IRB approval is not needed, users should be able to gain full access to Qualtrics survey services.