Human Subjects Protection Training Requirement

As of October 1, 2011, the SBS IRB requires research study personnel who will be doing a human subjects research study to complete human subjects protection training.  Individuals who will be obtaining informed consent from research participants and/or interacting or intervening with individuals to collect data from them must complete training in human subjects protections.  Individuals with other roles on a research study must complete human subjects protection training if a funding sponsor requires it for those other research team roles.

If you have previously taken training on human subjects protections at another institution that covers topics comparable to the SBS IRB's human subjects protections training course in CITI, the SBS IRB will accept that training -- we will need a copy of your completion certificate from that training.

University of Chicago uses the Single Sign On process for access to CITI -- instructions for using the Single Sign On are provided below.  After you have registered on the CITI website, enroll in the "Social and Behavioral Sciences IRB Human Subjects Protection Training Course." When you have completed the training, CITI will provide a completion certificate.  You do not need to take the Responsible Conduct of Research or Conflict of Interest course modules in CITI for IRB purposes -- you may need to take those other CITI courses to satisfy other University/sponsor requirements, but the only CITI course you need to take for IRB purposes is the "SBS IRB  Human Subjects Protection Training Course."

If you have never taken training on the CITI website before:                                   Go to and click on the button labeled "Register"              

The CITI website will ask you to select your Organization Affiliation.  Click on the blue link that says "Can’t find your institution? It may use Single Sign On. Check here. "                                                                                                                                                            

A list of universities that use the Single Sign On process with CITI will appear -- select "University of Chicago"

Select "Add a Course."  You will be asked a series of questions about which course you want to register for -- select "Social and Behavioral Sciences IRB Human Subjects Protection Training Course"

NOTE:  The SBS IRB will also accept completed human subjects protection training that was done using the National Institutes of Health (NIH) online course titled "Protecting Human Research Participants" (available online at  You do not need to do both the CITI and the NIH training -- a researcher need only have completed one or the other training course.  If you have already completed NIH human subjects protection training, please upload the completion certificate to your proposal.