Confidentiality Agreement for Transcriptionists (Sample)

Confidentiality Agreement for use with Transcription Services

​Research Study Title:  [insert your study title here]

1. I, ______________________________ transcriptionist, agree to maintain full confidentiality of all research data received from the research team related to this research study.

2. I will hold in strictest confidence the identity of any individual that may be revealed during the transcription of interviews or in any associated documents.

3. I will not make copies of any audio-recordings, video-recordings, or other research data, unless specifically requested to do so by the researcher.

​4. I will not provide the research data to any third parties without the client's consent.

5. I will store all study-related data in a safe, secure location as long as they are in my possession.   All video and audio recordings will be stored in an encrypted format.

6. All data provided or created for purposes of this agreement, including any back-up records, will be returned to the research team or permanently deleted.  When I have received confirmation that the transcription work I performed has been satisfactorily completed, any of the research data that remains with me will be returned to the research team or destroyed, pursuant to the instructions of the research team.

7. I understand that University of Chicago has the right to take legal action against any breach of confidentiality that occurs in my handling of the research data.

Transcriber’s name (printed) __________________________________________________

Transcriber's signature __________________________________________________

Date ___________________________________________________